Where do all the books in the Dombibliothek come from? What is their history and why should we care about it? What kind of treasures are kept in the collection and why are they so valuable? 

These questions and more will be answered on our tours.

Public Tour

We offer free public tours on a regular basis. You can find the most recent tour dates in our calendar.

The next tour will be on Wednesday, Aug 23 2023 at 6 pm.


Special Tours

Special tours can be booked if you want the focus to be on a specific subject. AreMaybe you are interested to specifically learn more about the time of reformation or travel reports or medieval manuscripts? Don't hesitate to ask us about it, we will gladly work something out to suit your interests.


Tours for Schools amd Study Groups

Pupils, students and other study groups are highly welcome to learn about our library. We will also assist with questions about how to use a library, how a library works and how it can be used as a place of learning as well as for writing term papers or theses.



A group should consist of five or more people. Very large groups may have to be split. Please call ahead ((+49) 51 21 / 307 750) or contact us via email ( to coordinate dates and specific topics. We will gladly answer any questions you might have.