St Albans Psalter

This parchment manuscript was made between 1120 und 1130 in the Benedictine abbey of St Albans, north-west of London, under abbot Geoffrey de Gorham. It was probably intended for the recluse Christina of Markyate and takes the form of a psalter, considered one of the most important manuscripts of its era due to its rich artistic decorations. The psalter contains 42 full-page miniatures, 211 historiated initials and 17 coloured wash drawings. The St Albans Psalter is considered one of the most important works of English Romanesque book production.



English Benedictines Benediktiner settled in the Lamspringe monastery in the 17. century and brought the manuscript with them. From there it passed to the Hildesheim Benedictines near St. Godehard. They gifted the psalter to the community of St. Godehard in 1827 and they have ownership of it to this day. The Dombibliothek received the manuscript in 1908 ad depositum. The St Albans Psalter is one of the Dombibliothek's most valuable assets.



A digital copy of the whole masuscript with extensive commentary is available online.